Asylum Rights Guidance System

Immediate guidance for refugees seeking political asylum in Germany

This system will anonymously ask you about your situation. It will let you know if it appears that you might qualify for immigration relief that could enable you stay in Germany legally. At the end of the session, you will get a report with the most crucial information you need to consider (e.g. country specific acceptance rate for refugees, rules for subsequent immigration of family members). If you are likely to be granted asylum, you may also want to use the system to automatically fill in official forms for you. This system will not give you legal advice, but it may help understand the key principles of German ayslum law applied to your particular situation. The system is run by an algorithm which knows the latest status of the relevant laws in Germany ("asylum package 2 of January 2016").

Note that this session is anonymous. It does not collect any information that identifies you, so do not be afraid to answer truthfully.